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#87: Timey-Wimey Easter I


#88: Timey-Wimey Easter II

I know it’s a bit early for a Happy Easter, but I just had to draw these!

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Panorama of the barn☆

horse heaven


Panorama of the barn☆

horse heaven

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Elans Chic Olena
(Elans Playboy x Ritachic)


Elans Chic Olena

(Elans Playboy x Ritachic)

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You guys, I have a horse to work with again!!

I went to go check her out today, and she’s an absolute dream. Her name is Mya, she’s a 15.1hh Paint mare (between 10-13yr old). I found her by posting an Ad on craiglist for a free rider available (because i’m cheap and don’t feel like paying to lease a horse). I had gotten about 30 responses (seriously I recommend this method if you are an advanced rider looking for a horse to ride) and her owner contacted me. Mya’s story totally took my breathe away (and broke my heart).

The TL;DR Version of the story is that her owner gave her to someone for a “free lease” and when they checked up on her about a year later they had found that Mya had been starved- going from a horse that was almost 300lbs overweight to a skeleton of a horse. The owner has since taken her back, given her about a year to recover, and now miss Mya needs to regain muscling and strength under saddle.

She is a sweet as pie mare with a few quarks but I find her absolutely adorable. She reminds me so much of my dear Dollar, whom I miss with my entire heart. She’s even got the smallest ears I’ve ever seen on not-pony-sized horse (seriously they are like foal ears!). I hopped on her  walk/trot and she was super well behaved. I’m looking forward to going back and seeing her either tomorrow or Friday.

Now some pictures (for those who stuck through my story telling):

First two are before she was starved:

After they got her back:

And after some recovery time/put on some weight:

I can’t wait to update you guys with how she goes! I’ll get more current pictures with my phone soon, hopefully. I want to get plenty of before and after pictures of her.

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Types of people who romanticize small town life:

  1. People who didn’t grow up in small towns



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